RA POWER & LIGHT Engineering Services provides advanced architectural and engineering resources able to design and integrate renewable energy systems for complicated retrofits at grid-connected industrial facilities and shovel-ready new construction.

Our Design Services teams have deep experience configuring commercial-grade PV power systems for industrial applications. RA POWER & LIGHT uses advanced CAD software tools to develop real word renderings of the system and the overall aesthetic impact to the site. We then set the logical order of construction operations to design and construct scalable commercial PV systems with improved reliability and performance.   RA POWER & LIGHT PV systems deliver on average 10-15% greater energy in kilowatt hours annually than the target used to calculate returns.

The overall reliability and performance of your system starts with Design; which we view as the optimum configuration of the “right” system, properly engineered to meet architectural requirements and the practical realities of your site. Properly designed and engineered PV systems produce 10% or greater energy over generic systems built using the same components- this is why so much emphasis is placed on the initial design of your system.

We work with local authorities having jurisdiction to negotiate fire clearances on the roof and have structural engineering performed to verify the dead load and live load of the proposed system is safe for building occupants under all conditions. Rooftop racking systems must withstand a burst of 120 mile per hour wind sustained for three seconds and be approved for fire and seismic considerations. All of these elements come together in a high performance, safe, PV design customized for your commercial building.