Of all Commercial Industrial market segments, Process and Discrete Manufacturing operations achieve the greatest benefits from Distributed Generation. The first step towards renewable power for the shop floor begins with a Partner who actually understands your shop floor. RA POWER & LIGHT brings three decades of manufacturing experience  to every project. As important, we only sell what we ourselves would buy, backed by the best suppliers, design, construction and support teams in the industry.

Plant  managers often face difficult trade offs between moving production to off-peak hours with higher labor rates or staying on first shift with peak daytime demand charges for electricity up to 4 times higher. Commercial Solar dramatically reduces production costs during first shift plant operations.  The key is to right-size PV systems based on actual business requirements and the strategy for your facility- not the size of the roof. Properly sized PV systems enable production facilities to take advantage of solar production in real time and not overproduce energy. RA POWER & LIGHT PV Systems offset on average 80%+ of daytime plant operations load and Peak Shave the most expensive power off your power bill, with no capital expense. Our proven background in complex system design and construction plays an essential role in project delivery for Commercial & Industrial renewable power applications. The goal is a predictable outcome for client stakeholders and exceeding financial returns put forward in the planning stages.