RA POWER & LIGHT uses the latest in PV monitoring and system diagnostics to assure maximum performance year after year. We offer a wide array of turn-key commercial solar Operations & Maintenance (O&M) programs. Every RA POWER & LIGHT commercial PV system includes a rooftop weather station to monitor wind speed and ambient temperature. Real time meteorological data is fed into the PV monitoring system to compare with production data.

Your WREGIS compliant PV software monitoring solution produces a broad range of real time data as usable knowledge via custom screens optimized for project stakeholders. The software issues in-context intelligent alerts to assure O&M personnel understand any problem and can perform field repairs correctly the first time. Wireless PV monitoring, software driven systems management, alarming and event logging features enable facility managers to retain full control over their investment in renewable power. All RA POWER & LIGHT systems feature revenue grade reporting, automated monthly analysis and project stakeholders can access and view production information from anywhere.