As an Engineering Procurement & Construction or EPC company, RA POWER & LIGHT has tailored solution offerings for specific markets. From the top floor to the shop floor, we have a process level understanding of industries that derive the greatest benefit from the work we do.  As we continue expanding our solution offering to new markets and industries, we maintain a strict focus on delivering the greatest value over the 25+year life of renewable assets.

Firms who benefit most from commercial Solar are typically those unable to push business operations to off peak hours. Single shift production facilities rank high this list. When we begin working with a Client, we take special effort to first gain an understanding of their unique approach to their business.

In the early stages of the Energy Audit, we often identify low cost conservation measures able to make a big difference in the cost to run the facility before going Solar.   Production operations facilities often turn shop floor equipment on all at once each morning. This sends what is called a false peak signal to the Utility indicating your highest theoretical demand.  Utilities use high load events to establish a peak demand baseline for your facility, effectively raising the cost of power for the following 12 months. Their logic is they must be prepared to supply anytime a high-load peak demand event occurs- and that costs money.  The simple way to eliminate false peaks is to set shop floor gear on timers sequenced to turn on in 16 minute intervals. Once outside the 15-minute interval, the cycle begins again.  This low-cost tactic has an immediate effect on your bottom line.  RA POWER & LIGHT performs a lot of free consulting to earn the right to design and build Commercial Solar systems and we’re here to help your business too.  Eliminating false peaks is a great starting point.

We map where, when and how you use energy and tailor renewable solutions to specifically target high-cost infrastructure. Visibility to interval usage data enables us to right size PV systems designed to offset specific meters and the most expensive power you buy.