Harmonizing project activities to avoid disrupting business operations at your facility is an essential part of every RA POWER & LIGHT project. Commercial solar projects require on average 4-6 months to complete.  The first 4-8 weeks are devoted to engineering and permitting. Then its typically 6-12 weeks onsite, depending on the complexity and scope of your project. Second only to building a world class system, our next priority is to be off property as soon as possible- and if that means bringing in more people  to complete your installation faster, so be it.  In the case of schools- we work a lot of weekends. On the front end, supplier coordination is critical. We don’t store material on the ground and that means racking and modules are brought to the site as needed, with lift equipment on hand to safely load the roof.

Another important element is the timing of inspections, and interaction with AHJ’s (Authorities Having Jurisdiction).  RA POWER & LIGHT Project Developers are your dedicated resource responsible for overseeing these activities from start to finish and to deliver a predictable outcome on every project.  He or She remains your single point of contact throughout the entire process- a trusted resource you can count on.